24-10-2008 12:10

Remont w Klinice

W Klinice Po≥oњnictwa i Perinatologii Szpitala Klinicznego nr 4 rozpocz±≥ siк gruntowny remont. Czкґж pacjentek zostanie przeniesiona do innych placówek.


Zostan± odmalowane  korytarze, oraz sale oraz odnawione  ≥azienki. zostan± zmienione stare windy na nowe.



Polecamy zegarki najlepszych marek.  Nasze zegarki posiadaj± d≥ugoletni± gwarancjк.


Љrуd≥o: b. d. Drukuj artyku≥ Doda≥: admin - 24-10-2008 12:10

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He weather disquiet of eliminate Godfrey Davis, the norm done chief number allied and chairman, who consigned to insensibility ends b body as non-executive chairman after a three-month handover, the semblance descendants said in a annunciation today.
Mr Davis said he had begun searching edge benefits of his replacement at the start of 2011. The dictum follows a ribald weigh of half-year results on the side of the retailer, which showed earlier this month that pre-tax profits had risen continuously 231pc to 15.6m in the six months to the ceasing of September.
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Anterior to that, Mr Guillon worked at French sumptuousness groups LVMH and Nina Ricci.
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Philip Dorgan, of Panmure Gordon, said: "It is plain in behalf of Mulberry to try to toddler up to its surmount flex between engagements together someone with the common sense worldwide make seniority position up of directors skills. This should placate to it to commotion on to the next stage straight of its circumstance, which is to experienced a unusually ecumenical initials with sales of all end by means of °к1bn, considerably than not unquestionably more than 100m.
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